Effects of Aliments

Here we list the effects of aliments. Clicking on one of the effects takes you to the aliments with that effect.
Effect Effect Effect
anti-inflammatory builds juices builds substance
converts moisture cools cools bladder
cools dry heat of the lungs cools heat cools heat of the stomach
cools liver heat cools liver heat cools the blood
cools wet heat of the bladder cools wet heat of the lungs dehydrating
detoxifies dispels cold dispenses with stomach heat
dissipates dissolves mucus dries dampness
eliminates digestive blockages expels cold mucus expels mucus
feeds colon yin feeds juices harmonizes
harmonizes liver-qi holds essences holds juice (astringent)
keeps juices lowers lowers qi
micturition problems mild laxative moisturizes
moisturizes colon moisturizes dryness moisturizes intestines
moisturizes kidney moisturizes liver moisturizes lungs
moisturizes the heart moisturizes the stomach moves blood
moves qi moves yang nourishes blood
nourishes heart-yin nourishes jing nourishes kidney-yin
nourishes liver blood nourishes liver-yin nourishes lung-yin
nourishes qi nourishes spleen nourishes stomach yin
nourishes the lungs nourishes yin nourishes yin of the heart, stomach and kidney
promotes digestion promotes milk flow promotes sweating
regulates qi relaxes qi removes moisture
removes stomach cold resolves stagnation softens
stimulates bile stimulates digestion stimulates the intestine
stops bleeding stops cold diarrhea stops cough
stops diarrhea stops pain strengthens blood
strengthens immune system strengthens jing strengthens juices
strengthens kidney jing strengthens kidney yang strengthens kidney-qi
strengthens kidney-yin strengthens liver-yin strengthens lung yin
strengthens qi strengthens spleen and kidney strengthens spleen and stomach
strengthens spleen yin strengthens spleen-qi strengthens spleen-yang
strengthens stomach yin strengthens stomach-qi strengthens the bladder
strengthens the brain strengthens the heart strengthens the heart-qi
strengthens the intestine strengthens the kidney strengthens the liver
strengthens the lung-qi strengthens the lungs strengthens the middle
strengthens the middle strengthens the spleen strengthens the stomach
strengthens yang strengthens yin transforms mucus
warms lung warms stomach warms the interior
warms the kidney warms the middle warms the spleen
warms yang of the kidney